Saturday, 2 January 2016

Stuff I liked in 2015

I wrote a list of things I liked in 2015, because that's how you celebrate the New Year you break the old year down into lists, then you move on to write more lists. That's how life works...I think. This is a personal list, by me so it's completely stuff I liked in 2015 if it's not on the list I didn't see or didn't like it or didn't like it enough to put it on the list, I things to do I can't list everything I liked ANYWAY list time.

I had a lot of great trips to the theatre this year and started by MRes in playwriting so plays have kinda been on my mind a lot, these are just the top picks of things I really liked.

Every Brilliant Thing by Duncan Macmillan (Machynlleth Comedy Festival)

Plastic Figurines by Ella Carmen Greenhill (Liverpool Playhouse Studio)

The Rolling Stone by Chris Urch (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester)

Everyman by Carol Ann Duffy (National theatre, London...well technically I saw it a cinema screen in Didsbury, shouldn't that count as a film? I hear you ask...No, it's a theatre show being live streamed, we don't all live in London)

The Hangman by Martin McDonagh (Wyndham Theatre, London)

I probably saw more films at the cinema this year than I ever have before in one year this is what I liked best




Inside Out

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

TV was a bit so so this year with these exceptions.


Wolf Hall

Doctor Who



OK so they may not have all been published this year but this is the year I read them so?

So you've been public shamed by Jon Ronson

The Sleeper and the spindle by Neil Gaiman illustrated by Chris Riddell

How to build a girl by Caitlin Moran

Also this doesn't have it's own category but it's pretty ruddy awesome. My Girlfriend baked this Millennium Falcon  Ginger Bread to celebrate the day of my birth. 

And remember years are just a man made construct to measure the passing of eternity... I mean happy New Year. 

Yeah, yeah I know it's late but I've been busy. 

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